Taller Ayer: Ninos y Adultos Se Convertió Muy. Cretivo Un taller muy exitoso esta noche en Espacio Vecinal Plaza Legazpi 7. Cuatro niños, un adolescente y cinco adultos se pusieron creativos y aprendieron a hacer obras de arte en 3D para llevar a casa.



This first masterpiece, created by a mother-daughter team, really got us in the spirit of Christmas. I wonder who that beautifully wrapped gift is for!


This masterpiece was created by the littlest of the group!


This one was crafted by the second youngest who, after finding everything red and working very diligently on it, decided he did not like it very much so he spent the final ten minutes crafting a second one:


He liked this one much better!


One of the two dads got creative with the letters. He crafted this masterpiece of the names and initials of everyone in his family. Then he added lots of star pasta because, you know, the entire family likes pasta!


The other dad got creative with screws and washers to create the little guy above.


Can you tell this little lady loves pink and purple? And everything that sparkles, too!


One of the moms also captured her whole family and now they are butterflies! She also made sure the flowers were happy growing out of the long grass. What a masterpiece!

7CD2C5C8-76EE-42C5-B725-903D5968773CThis creative girl’s masterpiece is of a rosy world, where clocks grow in trees and all the flowers are extremely happy! She’s so proud of it that she wanted to be in the picture, too!






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