The apartment is one step away from Matadero Madrid, The Centre for Contemporary Creation of the city council of Madrid. This great cultural complex develops in the facilities of the old slaughterhouse of Madrid, it takes more than 160.000m2 with its several naves and open spaces. After a magnificent architectural intervention, today is used for contemporary creations.

For our project, Pico del Pañuelo, its proximity to Matadero is probably its most relevant value. It is directed to:

art and social cultural agents that are going to work in Matadero in different projects, installations, social participation processes, performances, montages, etc

scholars that want to explore  thoroughly the activities or archives of Matadero or other cultural or social innovation areas of Madrid.

those who are interested in its cultural production, exhibitions and events, archives, etc. and want to visit it frequently as spectators or self-taught scholars.

Those of you who are interested in our project as visitors motivated by the cultural life of Matadero, will find a wide variety of possibilities:

Expositions and works, demonstrations of cultural dialogue processes, a lot of them site-specific, others based on social innovation and experimentation, formulated from a research viewpoint on these cultural, artistic and social phenomenon.  All this in Nave 16, in AbiertoxObras or in Intermediae.

Furthermore, Matadero has important Archives that can be consulted freely,  for example, Diseñadores (design) or Documenta (documental archive that gather the works presented in the Madrid documentary film festivals, among others).

Design, a common territory where multiple disciplines coexist, has its own space inCentral de Diseño.

In other order of options, the Cineteca offers a non-stop projection program of documentary films (in its two splendid rooms) including expositions and talks around documentary films.

Those keen on performing arts will be able to enjoy themselves with theatre plays in Naves del Español (innovative and experimental extension of Spanish Theatre), dance or other performing demonstrations that we can sometimes find in spaces directed to social dialogue and collective involvement.

Moreover, other thematic spaces that opened recently or that are to be opened soon like la Nave de Música (Nave of Music) or la Casa del Lector (the Readers House), including spaces for recreation and refreshmets like the Terraza (Terrace), the Cantina (Canteen), the Café Teatro (Café Theatre), etc. and like the open surface area that we can find between the buildings, the view to Manzanares, etc.




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