The Pico del Pañuelo colony is a neighbourhood that takes one triangular plot of homogeneous houses, it is located in the Arganzuela District in the south side of Madrid. The colony is opposite to the old Matadero facilities of Madrid and the City Council Workshops (Parquesur Building). The homogeneous arrangement of the neighbouhood houses was designed and built between 1927 and 1930 by the architect Fernando de Escondrillas for the Matadero workers (1). The houses of this colony were the first housing buildings using reinforced concrete in its construction.

History.-As it was planned in the Plan de Castro at the early twentieth century. The architect Fernando de Escondrillas was commissioned to build 74 houses to accomodate the families of the workers that would work in the nearby companies, this is how it was colonized and became a populous working class
neighbourhood (2). Escondrillas was specialised in building colonies of cheap houses, as for example Colonias del Retiro and “Primo de Rivera” (between 1925-1932). These were the first ones built with reinforced concrete rafters, this is why they survived to the defence of Madrid even being so close to the
battle front. In the post-war period Pio Baroja mentions this neighbourhood in one of the books of the trilogy: La lucha por la Vida (La busca, Mala hierba y Aurora Roja).(3)

Characteristics.- This is a neighbourhood with 74 buildings that contain more than one thousand five hundred flats, with apartments smaller than 50 square meters. The construction company was the Sociedad Constructora y Beneficiaria de Casas Baratas. (Construction company society and beneficiary of cheap houses). The plot is located between Paseo de la chopera, Paseo de las
Delicias and Calle de Guillermo de Osma. Each house has four floors and an attic. Their colour is pale yellow. It is between Paseo de las Delicias, Legazpi, Plaza General Maroto, calle Guillermo de Osma and la plaza de la Beata María Ana. Castro presented at the early twentieth century high dignity in the design
of the buildings. The name Pico del Pañuelo comes from the triangular form of the neighbourhood seen from a site map, imitating a folded handkerchief.



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