Pico del Pañuelo (Handkerchief Peak) is a project of artistic, cultural and social residencies developed in Madrid. Takes its name from the Colonia Pico del Pañuelo (Cologne Handkerchief Peak), a unique urban setting in the La Chopera (next to Plaza de Legazpi) and facing the Contemporary Creation Center Matadero-Madrid.

Pico del Pañuelo has established a collaboration agreement with the residency program Jiwar Creació i Societat de Barcelona, that hosts and support all professionals working in dialogue with the urban space.


This agreement arises from the affinity of both residency programs by the phenomenon of neighbourhood.

The agreement essentially involves Jiwar residents whose projects and concerns are related to this shared philosophy of the neighbourhood can make recidency in Pico del Pañuelo, through scholarships for short periods of stay and favourable conditions for durability.

The relationship between residents and Pico del Pañuelo disclaims any responsibility to Jiwar.


Residents have to propose an idea or a goal for their projects, which may include the observation and exploration of realities, environments and resources in Madrid, accomplishe professional contacts, the preparation of a wider project, etc.

Fellows residents are committed to stay and document their daily process by residence, signed, published through:

– At least three posts in our blog (for one week)

– 2-5 posts on our facebook

– A daily tweet on twitter resident, if available

– A final report (may be an article or small portfolio, or video clip, etc.)

These contents will be posted on social networks with shared rights (the author and Pico del Pañuelo).

In the creative work / research conducted by residents, and their specific productions, other than those provided to the program as a condition for the grant, the authors will retain all rights.

Pico del Pañuelo offers a grant of stay for a period between one and two weeks for residents coming from Jiwar (who have made a home in the last year). We are open to consider longer periods.

Residents pay only 155 E fixed rate (as inscription), regardless of length of stay (in winter a supplement applies). The stay with scholarship will be for a period from one week to two weeks, considering special prices to extensions if requested to stay longer (see normal rates in web). Stays under one week
Pico del Pañuelo value the possibility of extending the scholarship period depending on the project and the actions done by the resident in/with the community.

The resident live alone in the appartment of the residence program (see pictures of appartment). It’s allowed share it with one more person (it’s not necessary to be an artist, or researcher or cultural agent) accompanying the resident (a supplement will be applied).


– App through a request form (below) for a purpose of residence, objective and dates

– We’ll clarified by mail the previous content and mailback with economic conditions and achievements, including content production. The document will serve as a formal agreement.

– The resident pays the total rates of residence in normal conditions for an application (for a week is 350 E, 500 E two weeks); the part of the stay shall be refunded at the end of residency (155 E discounting the registration.The payment has to be effectuate in advance to the residence and made by transfer (bank to bank). The reservation will finish with the receipt of the transfer, sent by mail.

– We ship the permissions to blog and FB. Also indications practices about  apartment and stay.

– Prior to the arrival of the resident we make presentations to third parties that might be needed, within our reach. And along the residence we suggest visits, meetings or talks with local artists or cultural or social agents.

– Carry out the residence, living in the apartment, documented as indicated.

– Delivered the final report, if accomplish the agreements, we refund the full rate paid, except 155 E that are based fee. Then we send the bill. Failure to acccomplish the requirements of content production, all the registration will not be reimbursed.

– We’ll start the diffusion of memory, and disclose possible work performed in accordance with the interests of resident.